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Rick Klaassen

Horses for Sale

Looking for a horse?

Sure, there are a lot of horses for sale, but where to find the right horse for you?

The most important thing when buying a horse is that the rider will enjoy his horse for along itme and that it fits his needs as if being made exactly for him.

the search for such a horse often is a long lasting and difficult issue.

Here we can be of help.

We can offer you a shopping tour to find your horse. This tour will include a pre selected group of horses from throughout western europe. Rick will pre view and pre ride horses that fit your specific wishes and needs. In this way you will be looking for horses based on your own criteria.

We will find for you

your horse no matter which level or age.

Your horse no matter which breed. Warmblood or Ibierian.

No matter if you are enjoying riding in your leisure time, in your first shows or a rider on a higher level.

If you are looking for a talented, but highly reliable horse, schoolmaster horse or a top partner for big shows contact us. We have no problems with foreign languages in foreign countries. Rick speaks German, English, Dutch and Portuguese.

So if you are looking for your special horse- we will find it for you!

Rick Klaassen, Dressage-Team


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